Resume Tips from Hiring Managers

Resume Writing Tips

Writing a resume can be an arduous task—sometimes, it’s hard to figure out exactly what you should or should not include, how long your resume should be, and on top of all of that, try to portray yourself in the best possible light so that you will get that long-awaited for phone call from your dream firm’s HR department. Fret no more—here are some tips on how you can craft a great resume.

1) Resume Formatting

If your resume is effortful to read, it’s likely not going to get read. Hirers receive dozens of resumes each day—they’re not always going to take the time to carefully read through yours. That’s why the onus is on you to make your resume readable and clear to maximise it to its fullest potential. Using only one to two fonts throughout, using bullet points for clarity and making sure that there are no grammar or spelling errors in the resume are just some ways you can ensure that hirers are more likely to pick out the important points in your resume.

2) Focus on Accomplishments, Not Job Descriptions

In your resume, you want to make sure that you describe what you did for your company in your job, and not simply summarise what your job entailed. This will give hirers a better idea of how you actually contributed to your previous positions, and how you used your skills to benefit your company—which also gives them more incentive to hire you so that you can then put your skills to good use at the firm you are applying to.

3) Quantify Your Achievements

Very often when writing resumes, people like to throw in jargons or make very general statements that could apply to anyone. This does not help your resume to stand out. As such, you should quantify your achievements, such as saying “achieved xxx in sales revenue in xxx months” which can objectively show hirers how you can contribute to their organisation.

4) Develop an Excellent Resume Objective

A good resume objective doesn’t simply summarise what’s already in your resume, but specifically recaps your accomplishments and should provide hirers with an idea of who you are, what you want from your career and how you can contribute to their company. This can be particularly useful if you are switching careers or are a fresh graduate looking for your first job. You should also aim to include relevant experiences and skills for the job you are applying for in order to show hirers that you are a good fit for the job.

Remember, a concise and clear resume is the first step towards landing that dream job and career. Follow these simple tips when writing your resume and you’re more likely to catch the eyes of hirers and land a place in subsequent rounds of the job application process.

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