Job Switching – Is it the right choice for you?

The grass is always greener on the other side. We often put aside what we have in the search for the possibility of something better. However, how can you guarantee that job switching will bring you something better? At People Profilers, we believe that finding the right job may not be easy, but is definitely worth the effort! Consider the following common reasons for wanting a job change, and what you should look out for to make sure you don’t encounter the same issues in your new position.

Higher Salary and Better Growth Prospects

One of the biggest motivations for someone to make a switch in career is the search for more lucrative prospects. In particular, many are looking for a job that has significant room for an upward climb. However, the desired perks often come with higher responsibilities and greater work requirements. Ensuring sure that you are well-equipped with the adequate skills and capabilities would help you breeze through your job search. A well-prepared individual is something any employer would appreciate, and it will help you work your way up to your dream career.


Often, people find themselves lacking freedom and flexibility in a job with long hours and a demanding workload. We’re here to tell you that taking care of yourself is an equally, if not more important duty. If you’re a working parent who needs greater flexibility in your hours to take care of your kids, having a workplace that is onboard with that can ease your burden. Making sure that your new workplace is clear on your level of commitment means open and honest communication right from the get-go. If they aren’t comfortable with that, perhaps this isn’t the right place for you.

Industry Switch
You realised that the industry you’re currently working in is not suitable for you, but how do you know where to go next? Before you make that decisive move to quit your current job, a little
research and finding out what interests you will go a long way. Keep in mind transferrable skills and also additional skills you need to pick up for your prospective workplace.

Work Environment

The work environment is arguably the most important aspect of any job. A boss or colleague that you can’t get along with can make your life miserable and unfulfilling. During the job interview, it is as much a chance for them to assess your potential and skills as it is for you to evaluate your compatibility with the workplace. Questions asked don’t have to be limited to your job scope. Take the chance to ask about the work culture, courteously and tactfully of course, and if there’s anything you need to take note.

An average 8-hour job takes up nearly half of your waking hours. Between travel time and getting ready, work can consume most of your day. While many of us are eager to jump and maintain a life of stability, the wrong job will take a toll on your lifestyle and mental health. Taking extra time and care to choose your career is crucial. If you decide along the way that this job isn’t for you, you now know how to make that switch!

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